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    It is possible to complete a Beginner certification course within 5 to 7 days. During this time you will learn to fly solo under instructor supervision and radio communication. This course available weekdays and weekends to meet your schedule.

    You will receive thurough ground school on the subjects of equipment introduction and preperation, basic paraglider areodynamics, getting to know your paraglider (kiting/ground handling), basic weather, launch and landing technique and more. You will then fly solo under instructor supervision and radio guidance when flying throughout your training. Instructional tandem flights are always available to enhance the learning process.

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    Course Cost: $1800.00
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    After you've completed the Beginner course, you can look forward to Novice certification. From your initial Beginner course this full course provides you the opportunity to fully earn your wings. The Novice certification is all you need to fly most conditions and locations. While it will take you through all required ground school, written tests and in-flight training you need to fly on your own without instruction or supervision. This training process will develop your skills and knowledge, and include comprehensive ground school on paragliding flight weather; reserve parachutes, equipment, risk management and other related topics. With the successful completion of the Novice certification course and the purchase of equipment you can continue to join training classes to refresh or perfect your skills, at no additional cost and begin flying solo without instructor supervision.

    Course Cost: $800.00
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    Surface Towing
    Being able to tow up into the sky is a HUGE benefit to any paraglider pilot! Arizona Paraglding is the single most active tow school in the Southwest, no one tows more than we do. There is only one good training hill in Arizona and that is Northeast of Flagstaff, that means lots of driving, waiting and weather windows. Our tow area is 30 minutes from central Phoenix and offers very long roads, high tows, vast open space for landing. Towing enables lots more airtime for the student pilot and that's what maters, your time in the air while under instruction. Towing is very safe provided you have the right equipment and tow operator who knows his/her stuff. Arizona Paragliding is among the best of the best! Our tow rig essentially provides us a 4000' AGL launch from whatever location we choose and if the winds change, we can adjust for that and tow a different direction. Most mountain launches need wind from a certian direction to be flyable. Contact us today to set up your introduction into the world of towing.

    Course Cost: $100.00
About Sean Buckner and Arizona Paragliding
  • Sean Buckner

Ive been asked by a few on why I wanted to become an paragliding instructor. Well, many reasons but here are the ones that stick out the most. Since I was a young kid, (Still a young Kid) Ive been interested in avaiation. I flew Estes rockets when I was 6, RC airplanes, even joined the US air force to work on nuclear missiles. I was inquiring about getting a GA license and ran across paragliding in the process. This was it. Free Flight. The most amazing challange in the world. So entering into the paragliding community, I was introduced to a guy (who shall remain nameless) who claimed to be this amazing pilot/instructor and held many many records and credentials. He proceeded to take my money, sell me used gear at full retail price, and taught me how to pull my wing up over my head while running in a grassy park. That was all I got! 2 days worth of this horrible instruction!

I was new and didn't know any better and was told by this shlub that I was ready to fly off mountains. Within the next 4 months I would have a horrific accident and be air lifted off a mountain in the Nevada desert. It took a lot for me to get back into the sky after my accident, but I did so with a whole new outlook and attitude. I knew there were pilots that flew their entire life without incident. I wanted to be one of those pilots. This set the fire inside of me to take this sport to the next level. So while lying in bed for the next 6 months healing from 3 crushed vertebrea , broken ankle, nose, busted teeth, lacerations that took months to heal, I studied paragliding, weather, areodynamics of paragliding, theories and practical, and decided to not let this happen to any other pilot that wants to come into this amazing sport. Much of my teaching comes from what my accident taught me and the things I wish I would have known. I also draw from what I've experienced after that and what I've seen out there at many flying sites. I have been flying year round in Arizona for many years and have learned what it takes to to be a safe and competent paraglider pilot.

I am an ASC certified instructor and tandem pilot. I still learn something new nearly everyday and I think that is very important when teaching others to fly paragliders. My goal is for everyone of my students to progress at their own pace and ultimately, become a better pilot than I am. Now lets go fly!

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    Bertus Geertsema
    I met Sean two and a half years after getting my P2. I thought I was a pretty good and safe pilot. The reality was, I had a lot to learn, but I didn't know that. Although I never was a formal student of Sean's, he took the time to patiently teach me what I needed to be truly safer in my decision making, in addition to many other skills I thought I had but did not (weather knowledge, aerodynamics, maneuvers, landing accuracy, etc.). Even more than practical skills, Sean shared with me a new perspective and approach, and my time spent flying with him has proved invaluable. I was glad to hear the news when Sean became an instructor, glad to know that many others will benefit from his unusually thorough and skilled perspective. I can't recommend him highly enough, especially in a place as demanding as Arizona.
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    Andy Park
    Out of all the lessons Sean taught me the most important one is that Paragliding isn't something you can just go learn in two weeks. This sport is a continuous learning process and you need hundreds of hours of experience before you can truly master the wing. His school teaches safety, the process of determining flyable weather, and theory behind XC flights and thermals. His school also emphasizes on the community aspect so even as a student you feel welcomed into this awesome world of Ram-Air infatuation!
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    Theresa Wille
    Coming from a background of Zero knowledge of aviation and weather, I really have impressed myself with how much I have excelled in paragliding. I think the big part about my training was I never felt rushed, I had one on one training and was fed loads of information that keeps me safe when flying.. Now, I'm able to relax and enjoy my flights with 100% confidence in myself and my Gear. Fly High!